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Three stooges trading strategy

three stooges trading strategy

The plates alone would cover your entire cost of this pledge level). These are being produced by Faerie Metal so you already know, I'm sure, that means beautiful metal cards! These gold and white metal cards feature 5 of the most beautiful and iconic of the poster art of the 1930s-1950s as well as my all-time favorite lobby card set "Whoops! Might even be a few additional surprises. The, three, stooges, theater, trading, card Series - I'm very excited about being able to finally publish this card series. A box is guaranteed to contain a complete base set, complete retro stalgic continuation subset, complete set of Faux Scratch n Sniff Stooge cards. Onto the card series details. Plus the 2 different promo cards. (7) 1985 THE 3 stooges 14 WHO IS THE president OF THE three.

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Cost me a pretty penny (well. The Three Stooges Theater Trading Card Series Kickstarter Exclusives gold metal exclusives White Metal Exclusives The gold and white metal Exclusives will be limited edition releases and available only to Kickstarter backers. Each box three stooges trading strategy will also contain 1 of 9 different silver metal box toppers (don't worry - there's a master set pledge level in this kickstarter so you can get it all). Base sets, subsets, foil box toppers, Christmas foils, candid foils, all the retro-stalgic continuation card subsets, all the 3D Stooge cards, all the Glow in the Darks, Film Cell Relic cards, 1960s style pack sets, tobacco card panels, and more. Plus all promo cards that are published for the card series. If you have any questions just message me - I realize there is a lot of data in this Kickstarter so let me know if something isn't clear and we'll get through it! Please just message. And I worked out a deal at the last second to have them take high resolution tiff format images of the entire collection.

Considering modern trading card series and how hard they are to complete this is the holy grail of non-sport card deals. Each of the gold and white metal cards will have a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity on the back (similar to the 1959 Commemorative metal set in my last Kickstarter). 1997 duocards 3, stooges 2 MOE(5) 1997 duocards 3, stooges 3 MOE meets TED(1) 1997 duocards 3, stooges 10 shemp howard (1) 1997 duocards 3, stooges 12 JOE derita (1) 1997 duocards 3, stooges 1 THE. So I'll know how many sets to have the fine folks at Faerie Metal produce once this kickstarter is over. MCumulativeDelta - Pick a period. Give as a present to someone (which is likely more than they deserve, you're such a good friend!). I honestly can't think of a thing I haven't covered (and I've had a lot of emails and phone calls with fellow fans trying to figure out if anything was left out) - and so this seventh Three. Three, stooges or, three, stooges, delta Algorithm. I'm also planning to include at least ONE genuine printing plate 'chase' card per box featuring an authentic 1 of 1 printing plate from Chronicles of The Three Stooges. (2) 1985 THE 3 stooges 46 where were shemp, MOE AND curly. You get it all. Confirm No Supply / No Demand. Printing production of this series is planned to take place around the end of April and last minute design changes may occur depending on licensing.

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Read Buy / Sell Imbalance Signals generated. ADD ON levels: For those who are just now discovering RRParks cards Three Stooges card series these following levels are designed to 'catch you up' with the series. (3) 1985 THE 3 stooges 34 what year DID curly replace. With this seventh series I will have covered (I believe) every single aspect of The Three Stooges from 1930 to 1959 and even the 1960s. And I'll include the 9th silver metal box topper as a bonus.

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Or if someone has Chronicles series 1 and 3 and the 1959 and wants a level that includes 2 and 4 and the 'Theater' set. Just about the time I got the license and began pre-production of Chronicles of The, three, stooges, series One the major auction house Robert Edwards Auctions began handling the largest. This series is currently designed to include 106 different base cards featuring the lobby cards and one sheet poster art from 19the cards are being printed on high gloss quality 16pt UV stock with high end offset printing. (1) 1985 THE 3, stooges 16 which stooge started IN show. (1) 1985 THE 3, stooges 56 when DID THE. And the licensing company was enthusiastic, encouraging and extremely helpful in assisting me putting together the largest. So you'll get eight boxes and guaranteed complete set of all 9 different silver metal cards (plus one printing plate per box. 750 "I WAS sleep twice AS long". (8) 1985 THE 3, stooges 47 IN which stooge short, DID THE. Three, stooges fans and card collectors to enjoy.

They will be limited to the number of backers online, phone-in and snail mailed during the Kickstarter. Am sure I'll also be including error cards and other bonus items. But after Chronicles of The, three, stooges, series Five was finished the licensing company granted me an additional year on my contract. I've done customized pledge levels before - it's no bother. After the Kickstarter is ended boxes will be repriced to 75/box (so this is everyone's chance to have an early bird special price on a full box). 1985 THE 3, stooges 41 where WAS larry fine born? In 2014 I'd gotten the licensing agreement to publish. Let's call it 'June' for the moment. If you've backed my previous Three Stooges Kickstarters you already know that I issue product almost always on time (usually early. This gets you everything from the 50 pledge level plus you'll get three stooges trading strategy all 9 different silver metal box toppers, all 5 different gold metal exclusives and all 4 white metal "Whoops! You get the idea. A customized pledge level can be created for those seeking a bulk deal. Or simply those collectors who want a LOT of packs to open and enjoy building sets for their collection.

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The 1959 Reissue box even includes a full color metal portrait card. Since this series is being issued in retail boxes (as opposed to a factory set three stooges trading strategy style release) with packs being barcoded for individual sale by dealers I've created this option for dealers who want to sell packs in their store. Example 3: E-mini Dow - 1 Minute Chart. (2) 1985 THE 3 stooges 55 IN THE short "outer space jitters" (1) 1985 THE 3 stooges 37 IN THE episode "women haters". Questions? (1) 1985 THE 3, stooges 6 which OF THE. Series 1, 2 and 3 were all pack-style retail box releases and guaranteed to contain complete base sets. You get everything listed in the "I WAS asleep" pledge level plus a complete set of ALL promo cards for ALL series. If you're only just now finding out about the Three Stooges trading cards here's your chance to catch. I can't recall how I got wind of it but I did and at exactly the right time, right before they sold and shipped the items to buyers (after that they obviously couldn't take high res photos). This gets you the two basic promo cards, promo card #1 and promo card #2. plus beautiful silver metal box toppers AND 5 gold metal and 4 white metal Kickstarter exclusive cards. Three, stooges card series ever (and with already six trading card series and some 1,200 different cards perhaps one of the largest non-sport series of all time).

I'll post updates during and after the Kickstarter campaign letting everyone know progress and production 'milestones' and finally 'shipping date' once production is done and 'backer swag' is packaged up and ready for mailing. More like a quarter million pennies). Vintage Lobby Cards, One Sheets and Poster Art. Three, stooges lobby card and one sheet collection. 400 "I WAS asleep" deluxe. Three, stooges reference books and materials. Plus an extra printing plate from Chronicles of The Three Stooges. I'm an Indian" cards. This level will get you eight boxes, each with a different silver metal box topper.

Timeframes to Trade, this strategy works on any chart type. I was provided access to some 2,200 hi res archive images of The, three, stooges (but no lobby cards or one sheets). Tobacco Style Cards The Three Stooges Theater Trading Card Series is being issued in a retail style pack box - with 24 10-card packs. This seventh series also includes 16 'retro stalgic' style cards (like the 1959 continuation cards from Chronicles of The Three Stooges Series 2, 3, 4 and 5 and the '1959 Three Stooges Reissue Series each featuring. This is to fine tune a package that covers everything you want, need or gotta have or you'll die. Plus the expanded collectors kit (which includes about 60 collector kit exclusive cards, binder cover inserts for 'Chronicles' AND for '1959 Reissue' series, Chronicles 'title' header cards, uncut gilded (gold) foil panel of Larry, Moe and Curly plus uncut foil.

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(1) 1985 THE 3 stooges 39 fohort time between being. Each silver metal box topper will have a signed certificate of authenticity on the back. I'll post this information as an update as the campaign goes forward. That meant two things - firstly, I had enough time to publish the sixth trading card entry (The '1959, three, stooges, reprint' card series) AND also just enough time before my revised contract expired to create seventh series: 'The, three, stooges Theater' series. Silver Metal Box Toppers 9 different silver metal BOX toppers The silver metal box toppers will be issued at the rate of ONE per box with 9 different total to collect.

Which is ready to go to press. With this pledge you get everything in the 400 pledge level. (7) 1985 THE 3 stooges 2 what WAS curly howard'S real. (5) 1985 THE 3 stooges 26 what WAS THE three stooges ' three stooges trading strategy first (1) 1985 THE 3 stooges 25 curly, larry AND MOE were BIG. This gets you 5 10-card packs plus promo cards #1 and #2. (1) 1985 THE 3, stooges 10 what'S THE name OF THE labor. (1) 1985 THE 3, stooges 35 TWO OF THE, stooges. This way you can back the 'The Three Stooges Theater' series (above) and then ADD ON a level that includes all previous card series. Buy / Sell Imbalances. Strategy, the Buy / Sell Imbalances, strategy uses Supply Demand combined with No Supply / No Demand with the.

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