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Restore bitcoin wallet using private key

restore bitcoin wallet using private key

General NEW: Two new crypto-personalities skins have been added. Improved: Lightning fast wallet switching with assets that have over 100 transactions. We will soon have a way to change this via user preference for you bits lovers. Design Many minor changes and optimizations throughout all themes. Added more action buttons to the help section. Credit Shayne Shiells for this bug report. Exodus now directly connects to the Ethereum P2P network! 0.10.0 Released on February 26, 2016 We now have extra, extra redundancy for price lookups.

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We received sooooo many restore bitcoin wallet using private key emails daily asking "Why did my Bitcoin address change." Although we explained HD addresses and why this is a feature most new users do not understand - rather this scares them and they think it is a bug. Many users have been waiting for this one. A few minor advanced EOS optimizations have been fixed with EOS account creation. 1.24.0 Released on April 27, 2017 A number of library upgrades code cleanup and refactoring has taken place resulting in minor performance increases. You can also filter by transaction type and individual asset. 1.46.1 Released on March 2, 2018 General Corrected Ethereum asset Viberate contract address. We always wanted to add this - it really helps to keep track of exchanges. Exchange The swap icon would fail to switch asset units in specific cases. The link to view your salt address on the blockchain ( in the receive window ) now correctly links to the block explorer to view your salt transactions.

19.1.18 Released on Jan 18, 2019 Restoring with your 12-word phrase from the Exodus login window used to restart Exodus before the 12 words could be entered. The idea is you can personalize and build up account data over time - this even includes all exchanges and positions. We had some problems with default assets not being available for exchange but they were selected when first opening the exchange section. 1.16.3 Released on January 15, 2017 Wallet bugfix: A quick patch fix for Doge mining fees - these were set a touch too low.15.0. General New welcome section is displayed when Exodus contains no funds. This is fixed, no matter when you send, Exodus ensures transactions are correctly forwarded to the network. Exodus provides an online help desk and 24/7 customer support to get your questions answered, fast. Fixed uneven spacing when expanding send. New users could not change themes. Bugfix: Removed advanced asset menus under Exodus Developer that snuck in from beta builds.

Search functionality has been added to Settings Localization. Exchange NEW: Live rates added to the receive drop-down. Thank you wonderful customers for continually holding us accountable and making Exodus better! Improved: We now have a more advanced Bitcoin fee calculation process with service redundancy. You can enable the asset by visiting Settings Assets.

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224) Fixed: We fixed a pesky windows build problem. This is one of Daniel's personal favorites at Exodus - give it a watch to check it out! Just another fail-safe you'll never know you need until you. Adjusted the fiat total in the sidebar for users with large balances. 208) We now prevent dust outputs for Bitcoin only. Previously we had a few users tell us, at small window sizes, notification banners were not stacking correctly and the buttons were not working. Passwords are case sensitive and this helps new users ensure case accuracy.

Typically seen with Ethereum 18 digit craziness. Wallet NEW: EOS is here! If you had trouble reading more advanced QR codes it wasn't that your camera was dirty this was most likely the reason. Fixed small display title messages in private key sweeping. Bugfix: Exchange "Min" was working with some but not all assets. (Insert some catchy things Litecoin people say here).10.0 Released on November 4, 2016 A bunch of CSS drawing optimizations have been had. Security fans rejoice, the Exodus wallet is now fully encrypted!

This was temporary broken in the (.16.1 ) build released yesterday. 1.20.0 Released on March 3, 2017 Two new color themes have been added: introducing Barlow and Equinox. Bugfix: You can now export Golem and Augur private keys from the developer menu. We now patiently wait for user input before showing this error. A rounding bug that caused a few users portfolio total values to only show. 146) Fixed annoying, inconsistent hover and cursor states on the main navigation. Developer The developer menu now has a "Sweep for Ethereum" and "Sweep for Ethereum Classic" for users who accidentally send ETH to ETC and vice versa.

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The upgrade button now marks your current version to allow for easier upgrades and upgrade notifications. Crafted for the Users Exodus is designed for people who have never used an exchange. 1.44.1 Released on February 4, 2018 Wallet Fixed Bitcoin Gold claim regression. Exodus no longer allows dragging of URLs or items into the window. Exchange Changed dim gray color on USD amounts in exchange. One-click-greatness for data junkies that love block explorer details. A new restore bitcoin wallet using private key version of Exodus has been released immediately ( Version.51.2 ) with fixes and security upgrades in place. Previously these 16-decimal-place exchanges would fail to send and users would have to manually remove a few decimal places then exchange again. General In the spirit of our brand update, the login screen has an elegant new design.

Keep in mind, if you are mining or receiving daily payouts in Bitcoin (BTC) to your Exodus wallet, your fees will improve but still remain higher than average. For all non-technical, normal users you can just upgrade as part of your regular security practice. Wallet Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is here! 82) Coin colors are now consistent throughout the exchange process. Exodus hides the complex details while assets are exchanged in seconds. Of course, all restored with one-click from backup! NEW: A hidden feature allows you to toggle the visibility of your password on the login screen by clicking on the Exodus logo. 78) Fixed spread calculation. Exchange A fix has been put in place for customers reporting problems exchanging Ethereum Classic. All hard-core-crypto users can join the party and use Exodus too. Portfolio Youll notice two options at the top of your portfolio. Exchange bugfix: Fixed Ethereum exchange rounding errors on 16 levels of decimal precision not matching ShapeShift expected amounts. Per feedback from the community we adjusted the spacing on the receive address to make sure there was plenty of room around the address at all window sizes.

Optimized Bitcoin fees even further to lower dust limits. We were as annoyed as you when we saw wallets with a balance. All graphics are Retina ready 2x) designed for high-res screens. 119) Coin units are now consistent throughout the exchange process. Clicking Optimize my EOS Account Now in the advanced section of the EOS wallet sets the stake.96 EOS CPU and.04 EOS NET. Exodus downloads are now served over the Azure CDN. A new version of Exodus has been released immediately ( Version.43.4 ) with fixes and security upgrades in place. This is also the longest way we could possibly say the exchange now works like it should. Several bugs have also been fixed, promising a smoother overall wallet experience. We think we are still okay on this as even the tiny 11" MacBook air has a resolution of 1440x768. ( #134 ) Settings Themes are now remembered when you close Exodus. Exodus now has advanced Bitcoin utxo selection optimizations. Exchange New animation elements have been added to the Exchange In Progress window.

restore bitcoin wallet using private key

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1.25.1 Released on May 13, 2017 Portfolio bugfix: Fixes negative numbers in portfolio for a small number of users who upgraded. 1.50.1 Released on April 28, 2018 Hovering over an asset in the pie chart now reveals the proper currency. 1.18.0 Released on February 3, 2017 You can now show/hide assets in the settings section. Zcash is now enabled by default. This now sends the correct amount all the time. This was annoying - Exodus now double checks to make sure any dust is cleared out and double checked when these rare network events happen. Exodus now allows you to send and receive; Bread (BRD), Genesis Vision (GVT), Iconomi restore bitcoin wallet using private key (ICN), KuCoin (KCS), MediShares (MDS), Pillar (PLR), Ripio (RCN), Rivetz (RVT), Santiment (SAN), Substratum (SUB), TenX (PAY), and Time New Bank (TNB). All ShapeShift exchanges are now timed and logged. This ensures Exodus has current market prices, even if a service gets snarky and decides not to talk back. Fixed connection failed banners on slower computers and network connections.

Important: Please be safe when dealing/storing private keys - anyone with access to your private keys can take your funds! General Changed: The minimum window view is now set to 980 x 640. Improved: When sending Golem or Augur Exodus uses a tiny amount of Ethereum to send these assets - these fees are now listed in the main Ethereum wallet. We will continue to make Exodus shine on with the Windows gods. Step-BY-step instructions improved: You can now click to drag the password window around the screen. Each individual wallet now includes asset descriptions. The option can be found in the EOS advanced drawer. Exchange New users of EOS mainnet can now exchange any asset to EOS and Exodus will automatically handle all the advanced account setup for you and create your first EOS account.

restore bitcoin wallet using private key

Wallet Exodus can now send to native Bitcoin Cash addresses (CashAddr) format. You can find this feature in the developer menu under Developer Assets Asset Export Transactions Exodus further has optimized Bitcoin related display balances. 1.27.1 Released on June 8, 2017 Exodus welcomes more of our friends across the pond - we now support the pound sterling (symbol: GBP commonly known as the pound. Exodus now exports all empty change addresses in the private key export files. Exodus can now import uncompressed WIF formatted addresses.

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There shouldn't be anymore slowdowns. The United Arab Emirates restore bitcoin wallet using private key Dirham (AED) and Serbian Dinar (RSD) have been added as new fiat currencies in Localization. Printing addresses, from the receive dialog, now include the asset name as well as a general cleanup of extra items causing confusion. Clicking on a section of your portfolio donut scrolls to the selected asset to show more information. This window will soon bring advanced sending options for power users. Exodus is now.3MB smaller overall! 54) When sending Ethereum, the remaining balance in lower left of the send modal dialog was misbehaving. Hurray for lower transaction fees! Window height now supports up to 1440px. 1.51.0 Released on May 10, 2018 You can now click assets in the portfolio to quick-link to individual wallets. General The auto-update interface has itself been updated. This results in one-click exchange amounts of 5,000 USD per exchange! This is now fixed.

Added: Oh yea, Ethereum support! NEW: Added localization section to change currency values between Dollars (USD Euros (EUR British Pounds (GBP) and Canadian Dollars (CAD). Wallet receive times now update automatically, as time passes, in the transaction listing view. Improved: If you quit Exodus while an exchange was in progress, or an exchange failed, this exchange transaction was never logged to your wallet transaction list as an outgoing transaction until your next app launch/refresh/rescan. 1.45.0 Released on February 15, 2018 dded Vertcoin (VTC). 1.29.1 Released on July 7, 2017 Wallet bugfix: Adjusted the gas limits for Aragon.

154) When trying to send more funds than you have, Exodus shows "Not Enough Funds" in the live balance remaining. This would cause the link to not work when you visited Etherscan. Developer Upgraded to Electron.7.13 - If you know what this smarty-pants-javascript-stuff means take a look at our developer careers and get in touch! Wallet NEW: Bitcoin fees now adjust as the network gets congested. Must use the Exodus Linux installer. 26 - 29, 2016. Thanks to Shayne Shiells for this bug report! Theyve been reduced from.0095.003 per transaction.