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Forex reports in sap hr

forex reports in sap hr

Our state of art technology then validates rates and detects/filters anomalies using algorithms, and calculates the average of all the collected data over a 24-hour period to make it available to our customers. Line Item kocf rkagjobl Carry Forward Order Commitments kocm rkoclmig Conversion Classification: aufk koco rbpgja02 Budget Carryforward for Orders KOC2 sapmkkb2 Run Selected Reports KOC4 rkkbalv1 Cost Analysis KOH1 saplkkhi Create Order Group KOH2 saplkkhi Change Order Group KOH3 saplkkhi. Select the required archive. For RM Area jbrgv rjbrgenv Reorganize Maintenance Modules jbri rjbrnv02 Risk Management: Grid Analysis jbrin rjbrsiin Initialize view jbrj rjbrnv01 Risk Mgmt: Sensitivity Analysis jbrk rrmph001 Display Portfolio Hierarchies jbrka rjbrphsh Display Portfolio Hierarchy (old) jbrlzb rjblzb Maintain Maturity Band. Production Orders KK01 sapl0KSK Create Statistical Figure KK02 sapl0KSK Change Statistical Figure KK03 sapl0KSK Display Statistical Key Figures KK04 rkwbsk00 y Figures: Master Data Repor KK05 sapmv12A Create Cond. Ledger Follow-Up Posting KAL7 rkakalr2 Overview of Cost Flows KAL8 rkkbbgen Generate Reconcil. Pla KSC7N saplkal1 Create Indirect Activity Alloc. LM34 rlmob031 Load Control - UnLd by Delivery LM35 rlmob035 Load Control - Detail by Shipping U LM36 rlmob036 Load Control - Detail by Delivery LM37 rlmob037 Load Control - Detail by Shipment LM45 rlmob045 Pick and Pack. HR Documents: Infotypes to be Logged (V_T585A HR Documents: Field Group Definition (V_T585B) and, hR Documents: Field Group Characteristics (V_T585C). Use, this report is used to display all changes that were made using infotype change documents (short: change documents ).

Multi-Currency Accounting with SAP S/4hana - SAPinsider

The data for short-term documents is selected according to date and time. KK65 sapmkes1 COC Create Planng Layt Cost/ActInpu KK66 sapmkes1 COC Change Plnng Layt Cost/ActvInpu KK67 sapmkes1 COC Display Plnng Layt Cost/ActvInp KK87 saplko71 Actual settmt: prodn cost collector KK88 saplko71 Actual Settlement: Cost Objects KK89 saplko71 Actual Settlement: Cost Objects. Req: Currency translation key imdg raimgenchar Generate User-Defined Characteristi imdk rirtimdk q: Calculated key figures imdm sapmkcb9 q: Test monitor report imdo rkcobtr2 App. Records tificat IQM2 sapmv13B Change cords tificatn IQM3 sapmv13B Display cords tificat IQS1 sapliqs0 Create Notification - Extended View IQS12 sapliqs0 Process Task IQS13 sapliqs0 Display Task IQS2 sapliqs0 Change Notification - Extended View IQS21 sapliqs0 Create Notif. Orders o KGP4 saplkazb Overhead Plan.: Int. IA21 rmiapl50 Evaluate Task List Change Documents. IA25 rpmrede2 Deletion of PM Task Lists. W/o Distrib.; w/o Variants IMR5 raimavar2.

To help our customers integrate our FX rates seamlessly, oanda partners with many of the major ERP systems including Oracle, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP. Derivation Overview ALV kedf rketrerf CO-PA: Fill Summ. Kegc sapmkga1 Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.: Overview kegcn sapmkga1 Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.: Overview kegd RKE_kegd Overview Actual IAA Cycles kege RKE_kege Overview Plan IAA Cycles kegv rkeplanmethod Generate Variant from kepm Environm KEG1 sapmkal1 Create Indirect Actual Acty Alloc. KEG8N saplkal1 Change Indirect Plan Acty Allocatio KEG9 sapmkal1 Display Indirect Plan Acty Alloc. Key Figures KVB5 sapmkwm1 proz: Copy Actual Stat. Key Figure Plan Data kpep RKP_flex_UPL_PRLog: Flexible Excel Upload kpeu K_coom_KPP_flexflexible Upload for Excel Planning KPE6 rkopapln Change Revenue Element Planning KPE7 rkopapln Display Revenue Element Planning KPF6 rkopapln Change CElem/Activity Input Plannin KPF7 rkopapln Display CElem./Acty Input Planning KPG1 sapmgplp. O kkob menukkob Basic Functions of Cost Object Cont kkog RKE_call_VC_tkecharacteristic Groups for Costing kkoh rkcobtr2 forex reports in sap hr Transport of Reports kkoi rkcobtr4 Transport of Forms kkoj rkcobtr3 Client Copy of Reports kkok rkcobtr5 Client Copy of Forms kkom sapmkcb9 Test Monitor Object. IA08 riplko10 Change PM Task Lists.

Logged Changes in Infotype Data (Report rpuaud00) (SAP

Order Data to Plan KO2A sapmkbub Change budget document KO2B sapmkbub Display budget document KO22 sapmkbud Change Order Budget KO23 sapmkbud Display Order Budget KO24 sapmkbud Change Order Supplement KO25 sapmkbud Display Order Supplement KO26 sapmkbud Change Order Return KO27. If you want additional archived data to be read, select. Kcpt2 sapmkcpl2 Automatic Planning: Top-Down kcpz Planning Functions KCP0 sapmkcpl2 Automatic Planning KCP1 rkcapplo Validation logs data entry KCP2 sapmkcpl2 Automatic Planning: Forecast KCP22 sapmkcpl2 Automatic Planning: Forecast KCP4 sapmkes1 Create entry form KCP5 sapmkes1 Change entry form KCP6 sapmkes1. IA05 saplcpdi Create general task list. Ibipa ibipbal Transaction for BAL of ibip. We provide over 200 currencies and commodities, with over 38,000 pairs available, as well as 25 Central Bank exchange rates. Key Figure Plan Data KP56 rkccapln Change Revenue Plan Data KP57 rkccapln Display Revenue Plan Data KP65 sapmkes1 Create Cost Planning Layout KP66 sapmkes1 Change Cost Planning Layout KP67 sapmkes1 Display Cost Planning Layout KP75 sapmkes1 Create Activity Type Planning.

Count LM61 rlemobgrgidel Goods Issue by Delivery LM62 rlemobgrgimsa Goods Issue by MS area LM63 rlemobgrgishp Goods Issue by Shipment LM64 rlemobgrgiall Goods Issue by ALL LM65 rlemobgrgigrp Goods Issue by Group LM66 rlemobgrgihu Goods Issue by HU LM71 rlemobgrgidel. Present KCR8 sapmkefb Display authorization esentat KCS2 sapmkci2 SAP-EIS: Delete char. Kkpm menukkpm Process costing menu kkpn rkkppgr0 Material Assignment kkpt sapmkkp2 Cost Obj Hier: Coll. Imas sapmkbud Display plan: Appropriation request imav sapmkbud Change plan revenues imaw sapmkbud Display plan revenues IMA0 menuima0 Appropriation Requests IMA1 saplaia1 Create appropriation request IMA1N saplaia1 Create Appropriation Request IMA11 saplaia1 Individual Processing IMA12 saplaia1 Individual Processing (Planner) IMA13 saplaia1. How are oanda Rates calculated? The full list of transaction codes is maintained in the tables. Item LI20 sapml04I Clear Inventory Differences WM LI21 rlli2110 Clear Inventory Differences in MM-I LK01 busstart Create consumer LK02 busstart Change consumer LK03 busstart Display consumer lldel sbal_delete Delete application logs llvs menullvs WM Menu LL01 rlll0100 Warehouse Activity. Orders KO8N rkako8N0. Short-term documents Thc columns at the head of the short-term documents are always displayed in this sequence : Date, Time, SqNo (sequence number PersNo (personnel number Inftyp (infotype and Changed. Object Type KKR2 rkkrkkr2 CO Summarization: Summ. KKC1 sapmkkp0 Create Cost Object KKC2 sapmkkp0 Change Cost Object KKC3 sapmkkp0 Display Cost Object KKC4 sapmkkpp Create Cost Object Planning KKC5 sapmkkpp Change Cost Object Planning KKC6 sapmkkpp Display Cost Object Planning KKC7 sapmkkp0 Create Product Group KKC8 sapmkkp0. EO Activ KCH6 rcopca15 EC-PCA: Display standard hierarchy KCH6N KEO_start_NF_stec-PCA: Display Standard Hierarchy KCH6NX KEO_start_NF_stec-PCA: Disp. Ledger (Rollup) kalr rkakalr1 Reconciliaton Ledger: CO Line Items kals rkakalfi Reverse Reconciliation Posting kalx rkakalx1 Fill Original Units in CO Document kaly rkakalx2 Convert Reconc.

All SAP Transaction Codes with Report and Description from I

Ledger Reports kamn menukamn Menu for Internal Orders kank sapmsnum Number range maint.: RK_beleg kaum rkacumtk Display Conversion Milestones kava rbdsecot Send Cost Center Totals Records kavb rgsalecc Send Cost Center Group kavc rgsalece Send Cost Element Group kavd rgsaleat. Template Environment keaf sapmkecm_vfieldvalue Field Analysis keat RKE_reconciliatreconcile CO-PA - SD - FI keav sapmkecm_valuatvaluation keaw RKE_reconciliatreconciliation Make-to-Order Prod. Long-term documents remain available until you delete them. Program reports imey rkdreoda Reorganize inv. KEG5 sapmkga2 Execute Indirect Actual Acty Alloc. Report imco rkcobtr2 IM Summarization: Transport reports imcoc1 raimccp1 Consistency Check (og.) imcoc3 raimccp3 Consistency Check (Projects) imcoc4 raimccp4 Consistency Check (Orders) imcp rkcobtr4 IM Summarization: Transport forms imcrc1 raimccp1 Currency Reacalculation (og.) imcrc2 raimcrc2 Currency Recalculation (q.) imcrc3 raimccp3 Currency Recalculation. If you dont see your ERP system on our list, dont worry; you can still integrate our rest API into your computing environment. Subscription Plan and Pricing page. KEA0 sapmkea3_NEW CO-PA: Maintain Operating Concern KEA0O sapmkea3 CO-PA: Maintain Operating Concern KEA5 rkcmkcgd Maintain Characteristics KEA6 rkcmkcgd Edit Value Fields keba rkeber01 Display operating concern kebc rkeber01 Change operating concern kebi rkeber01 Set operating concern (batch-input) KEB0 rkebw100 Create. LCO2 rmcwmnta Set Up Warehouse Co/Transport Order LC10 rslvcadm liveCache Assistant LC11 rslvccon Creating the liveCache connection ldap sapmldap ldap Customizing and Test LDA2 saplld01 Change Takt Time LDA3 saplld01 Display Takt Time LDB1 saplld01 Create Line Hierarchy LDB2 saplld01. Tool -.-down rep.

All SAP Transaction Codes with Report and Description from F

JB08 menujb08 Bank STC Configuration Menu JB1K rjbtkalk00 Update costing JB12 menujb12 Limit Management JB16 rjbtkrlt Costing Rule List JB18 rjbtkmp Display ntrol JB19 menujb19 Asset/Liability Management JB2X menujb2X Securities JB22 rjbtkalb Calculate Core Deposits JB3M rtrfienm List of curr. IB01 sapmc29S Create Equipment BOM IB02 sapmc29S Change Equipment BOM IB03 sapmc29S Display Equipment BOM IB05 sapmc29S Change Equipment BOM Group IB06 sapmc29S Display Equipment BOM Group IB07 saplcsal Assign forex reports in sap hr Equipment BOM to Plant IB08 saplcsal Change Equipment BOM - Plant Alloc. Values jbrcu rjbrcvcu Edit Characteristic Values jbrcv rjbrcvap Maintenance of Characteristic Value jbrdg rjbrderg Generate Program for rivatio jbrdv rjbrdrval Maintain Derivation of Rule Entries jbrfg sapmkcgf Edit field groups jbrf0 rjbrrmsp Collective Processing of FOs jbrge rjbrtrge Generate Program Env. (vendor) lepa saplv53F Activate Determination Log lepd shpfpdelete Deletion of indx Records leps shpfpdisplay Display Determination Log LH01 sapml03T Assign Pick-HU to TO LH03 sapml03T Assign Pick-HU to TO Display libs guilstcn List layout licc rlinv060 Cycle Counting per. Levels kedusm rketrerf_periodco-PA: Monitor Build for Summ. Kkpy sapmkkpa Actual Cost Distribution: Cost Obj. Sign-Up form here you will receive free API key to access the oanda Rates. For more information, please contact our FX integration specialists. Table (Price Overhead) KK11 sapmv13A Create Condition KK12 sapmv13A Change Condition KK13 sapmv13A Display Condition KK14 sapmv13A Create Condition with Reference KK16 rkktrpln CO-COC Plng: Change Costs/ActyInput KK17 rkktrpln CO-COC Plng: Display Costs/ActyInpu KK46 rkktrpln CO-COC Plng: Change Stat. Of Field r BP Conversio JBB0 sapmjbd6 Create Position Object JBB1 sapmjbd6 Change Position JBB2 sapmjbd6 Display Position JBB3 sapmjbd6 Maintain Position Values JBB4 sapmjbd6 Display Position Values JBB5 rkcmkcgd Edit characteristics JBB6 rkcmkcgd Edit Value Fields jbcf sapl0K01 Maintain Condition Type.

Lvls kedv sapmkedv CO-PA: Maintain Summarization Level kedvp rketreprop Default for Summarization Levels kedvpd rketrepropd Proposal for Summ. Simplified View IQS23 sapliqs0 Display Notif. Lev kedz RKE_prot_evaluaread Interface for CO-PA Log KED0 sapmkedr Derivation: Initial Screen KED5 sapmkes1 Data Mining: Create Form KED6 sapmkes1 Data Mining: Change Form KED7 sapmkes1 Data Mining: Display Form keeu sapmkcb9 CO-PA EIS/BP: Generate transfer KEE0 rpcadiff PCA: Generate. Refurbishment Orde IW81 saplcoih Create Refurbishment Order ixmlt4 bcciixmlt4 iXML Test Transaction for ITS I009 sapmsnum Location/AccAsst. Levels (Expert) kedj rketrerj CO-PA: Fill Summ. Req: Reorganization report dat imdz rkdreofo App.

Req: Transport reports imdp rkcobtr4 App. Printing of Internal Order KOL1 rkoali01 Order List (Master Data) komm sapl0C27 Customizing pick list KOM1 sapmkauf Create CO model order KOM2 sapmkauf Change CO Model Order KOM3 sapmkauf Display CO model order konk sapmsnum Maintain Order Number Ranges KON1 saplkazb Actual Reval.: Int. KF Planning Layout KP86 sapmkes1 Change Stat. Kkpz saplkazb Actual Overhead: Cost Obj Individ KKP1 sapmkkp0 Create Hierarchy Master Record KKP2 sapmkkp0 Change Hierarchy Master Record KKP3 sapmkkp0 Display Hierarchy Master Record KKP4 saplkkp2 Display Cost Object Hierarchy KKP5 sapmkkp2 Cost ObjHier: Indiv. Internal Orders KOK5 sapmkauf Master Data List Internal Orders KOK6 sapmkauf Collect. Program Position IM22 saplaip2 Change Investment Program Structure IM23 saplaip2 Display Investment Program Structur IM24 raim_GEN_from_OCreate Investment Program IM25 raim_GEN_from_HCreate Investment Program IM27 raimcopy IM: Open new approval year IM28 raimcopy Copy investment program IM30 sapmkbud Change Supplement. Pla KSC9 sapmkal1 Display Indirect Acty Alloc. LD05 sapml06D Check LDK01 Records (internal call) LD06 sapml06D Check LDK02 Records LD07 sapml06D Check LDK03 Records LD08 sapml06D Check LDK04 Records (internal call) LD09 sapml06D Check LDK05 records LD10 sapml06D Clear decentralized inventory diff. We offer several types of data to meet any business need including daily average rates (as well as weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly averages custom time frames, real-time rates, tick-by-tick data and many more. K klabl rklderifo Derivation of the Default Risk Rule kleh rklehshow Display Logs klext rklext02 Display Active External Transaction klfz01 busstart Facilities: Create klfz02 busstart Facilities: Change klfz03 busstart Facilities: Display KLH1 saplkkhi Create Activity Type Group KLH2 saplkkhi Change. For Product Cost Coll.

HR Renewal - alle Innovationen und Vorteile auf einen Blick

Report dat imcz rkdreofo IM Summarization: Reorg. Orders o kopa1 sapmkes1 Overall Plan.; Orders: Create layou kopa2 sapmkes1 Overall Plan.; Orders: Change Layou kopa3 sapmkes1 Overall Plan.; Orders: Displ. Document in Internet IL01 sapmilo0 Create Functional Location IL02 sapmilo0 Change Functional Location IL03 sapmilo0 Display Functional Location IL04 sapmilo1 Create FunctLocation: List Entry IL05 riiflo20 Change Functional Location IL06 sapmilo2 Data Transfer From FunctLocation IL07 riiflo30 Funct. Values IMB2 raicenr1 IM Summariz: Replicate entities IMB3 raicdas2 IM Summariz: Current values in file IMB4 raicens2 IM Summariz: Entities in file IMB5 raicdar2 IM Summariz: Values from file IMB6 raicenr2 IM Summariz: Entities from file IMB7 raicdac1 IM Summarization. Imep rkcobtr4 Transport forms for inv. Header: Line Items Actua KR01 sapmksrd Create Summarization KR02 sapmksrd Change Summarization KR03 sapmksrd Display Summarization KR04 sapmksrd Delete Summarization KR05 sapmksre Execute Summarization ksag sapmv12A Maintain condition tables ksah sapmv12A Display condition tables ksai sapmksa0 Accrual Calc.: Maintain Actual. Just give it a chance :-). KEG3 sapmkal1 Display Indirect Actual Acty Alloc. Plans IP30 ristra20 MaintSchedule Date Monitoring IP31 ristra30 Maintenance Plan Cost Display IP40 sapliwp3 forex reports in sap hr Add Service Plan for Purchasing IP41 sapliwp3 Add single plan IP42 sapliwp3 Add strategy-controlled plan IP43 sapliwp3 Add multiple counter plan IP50 sapliwp3 Create ref. Report data imez rkdreofo Reorganize forms for por IME0 sapmkcee Execute Inv. IMR3 raimdele Delete Whole Capital Investment Prg IMR4 raimavar1.

forex reports in sap hr

Templ.-Alloc.: cctr/Acty Type KPA6 rkopapln Change Primary Cost Element Plannin KPA7 rkopapln Display Primary Cost Elem. Data for Order KKA7P sapmkkaa Delete Results Anal. Kksm menukksm Product Cost Ctrllg: Make-to-Stock kksp sapmkks0 Variances - Engineer-to-Order (C) kksq sapmkks0 Variances - Engineer-to-Order (I) kksr sapmkks0 Scrap - Engineer-to-Order (C) kkss sapmkks0 Scrap - Engineer-to-Order (I) kkst sapmkks0 Variances - Cost by Sales Order. Repostin KB67 sapmk23D Reverse IAA Reposting KB71 sapmk23B JV-Transfer Postings kcan saplkcd0 Derivation KCA0 sapmkcia SAP-EIS: Edit aspect KCA1 forex reports in sap hr rkcreoas Reorganize aspect tables KCA2 sapmkcgf Edit field groups KCA5 rkcmkcgd Edit characteristics KCA6 rkcmkcgd Edit basic key figures kcba sapmkcee. IR's for Zcurves pf1 JB81 sapmjbd1 Maintain account JB99 menujb99 Test Menu online Integration jvtt sapmscat Joint Venture Test Tool J1AH saplj1AO Creating Way Bills J1AI J_1AA001 Asset Revaluation (Inflation) J1AJ saplj1AO Print Way Bill Document J1AM J_1AIP01 Delete and create index. Orders o KGO4 saplkazb Overhead Commt: Int. Kegan saplkal1 Delete Indirect Plan Acty Allocatio kegb sapmkga2 Execute Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.

SAP HR Transaktionen - Activate

Profit Center Struct keoap3 KEO_start_NF Display Alter. Oanda Rates are accurate and reliable. Req: Reorganization of forms IMD0 sapmkcee q: Execute report IMD1 sapmkcee q: Create report IMD2 sapmkcee q: Change report IMD3 sapmkcee q: Display report IMD4 sapmkes1 q: Create form IMD5 sapmkes1 q: Change form IMD6 sapmkes1 q: Display. IA00 menuia00, iA01 saplcpdi Create Equipment Task List. Obj JBK1 sapmkes1 Preliminary Costing: Create Form JBK2 sapmkes1 Preliminary Costing: Change form JBK3 sapmkes1 Preliminary Costing: Display Form jbldc sapmjblc Var. All SAP Transaction Codes with Report and Description from I. Jbbd rjbaufde Forex Position Determination jbbe menujbbe Valuation Setting jbbew sapmjbdbew Maintain Position Changes jbbg menujbbg Position Groups jbbm menujbbm Positions jbbpu rjbdreofcbpum Reorg. Sometimes you are looking for transactions "around your currently known transactions".

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LB13 sapml02B TRs for Requirement LCO1 rmcwmnmb forex reports in sap hr Set Up Warehouse Co/Material Docs. Reports imeo1 OM_start_NF Create ogram in Enterprise Or imeo2 OM_start_NF Change ogram in Enterp. The selection options are also output. Coun LM60 rxdcc001 User guided dynamic invent. Because we have been in the business of providing Rates data for 20 years, our rates are trusted by tax authorities, account and auditing firms, and thousands of companies and millions of individuals globally. Kcrp rkdbatv3 Maintain variant groups kcrq rkdbat02 Maintain Variants kcrr rkctree0 Report selection kcrs rkdbatv4 Schedule Variant Group kcrt rkdbatv5 Define Variant Group kcru sapmkcb9 Convert drilldown reports KCR0 sapmkcee Run Drilldown Report KCR1 sapmkcee Create Drilldown Report KCR2 sapmkcee. Cost Object Hierarchy Maint. From IM KO8B saplko71 Display Settlement Document KO8G saplko71 Act. Changes made to infotypes are written to the database or can be archived.

Data for Order KKA8 sapmkkaa Delete RA Data for WBS Element KKA8P sapmkkaa Delete RA Data for WBS Element KKA9 sapmkkaa Delete RA Data for Sales Order KKA9P sapmkkaa Delete RA Data for Sales Order kkbb rkkb1000 Report. IW55 sapliqs0 Create Activity Report IW56 sapliqs0 Create service request IW57 riarcsm3 Set Deletion Flag For Notification IW58 riqmel20 Change Service Notifications IW59 riqmel20 Display Service Notifications IW61 saplcoih Create Historical PM Order IW62 saplcoih Change Historical Order IW63 saplcoih. For this reason, the columns PersNo (personnel number) and Inftyp (infotype) are displayed at the top of the drilldown list. IB11 sapmc29S Create Functional Location BOM IB12 sapmc29S Change Functional Location BOM IB13 sapmc29S Display Functional Location BOM IB15 sapmc29S Change FunctLocation BOM Group IB16 sapmc29S Display FunctLocation BOM Group IB17 saplcsal Create FunctLoc. TA Report Header Description, iaoma iaom_LOG_repor Log for Account Assignment Manager. Program Report IME1 sapmkcee Create ogram report IME2 sapmkcee Change ogram report IME3 sapmkcee Display. Planning KPB6 rkccapln Change Activity Type Plan Data KPB7 rkccapln Display Activity Type Plan Data KPC6 rkopapln Change Activity Input Planning KPC7 rkopapln Display activity input planning KPD6 rkopapln Change Stat. Number ranges: CO-PA plannin keoap2 KEO_start_NF Change Altern. KEG6 sapmkga1 Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.:Overvie KEG6N sapmkga1 Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.:Overvie KEG7 sapmkal1 Create Indirect Plan Acty Alloc. Range (iloa) jbai rjbrstdb Load saved Dataset jban rjbrcus1 Update Field Catalog jbap sapmjbra Create Maintain Analysis Structures jbar rjbrtol2 Generate service programs jbas rjbrstds Save Dataset jbat sapmkkb5 Report Selection jbau rjbrsipf Maintain View jbax rjbrstdd Delete Saved Dataset jbba.

forex reports in sap hr

Report IME4 sapmkes1 Create layout set for. Cctr/Acty Typ KM1V rkkstsev Cost Center Selection Variants KM3V rkprzsev Select. Key Figure KVD6 sapl0KOZ Copy Assignment ActType/Key Figure KW3P saplkw3P WWW: Internal Price List KXH1 saplkkhi Create Group (Hierarchical) KXH2 saplkkhi Change Group (Hierarchical) KXH3 saplkkhi Display Hierarchy (Hierarchical) KZA1 sapmkacz Select Overhead LAS0 sapmsp00 Sequencing LAS2 saplsp00 Change Sequence Schedule. Groups for Actual and Plannin kepd RKE_call_VC_tkecharacteristic groups for reports kepm rkeplkepm CO-PA Planning kepm_W saplkepluw Sales Profit Planning in the WWW kepmu RKE_convert_laycreate Planning Level from Layout kepp rkeplppr Check plan structure kepz Planning Functions kepz_E RKE_call_V_tkepaccess of Segment-Specific Events kepz_P RKE_call_V_tkepaccess. KEG1N saplkal1 Create Indirect Actual Acty Alloc. Analysis Data for Order KKA5 sapmkkaa Create RA Data for WBS Element KKA6 sapmkkaa Create RA Data for Sales Order KKA7 sapmkkaa Delete Results Anal. Do you have any partners who can help us integrate oanda Rates Data into our ERP system? At depot sale J1IK sapmj1IK Selection of Excise Invoice - Commo J1IL menuj1IL India Localization J1IN sapmj1IN India Version Tax Deduction at Sour J1inar J_1iewt_ANN_retannual Returns J1INC J_1itds2 Tax Deduction at Source: Classic J1incc J_1iewt_cert_CUPrint Customer WH Tax Certificates J1inhc J_1iewt_health_Health. Rep IME5 sapmkes1 Change layout set for. LD00 menuld00 Line Design LD01 sapml06D Repost Communication Document LD02 rlld0200 Reposting multiple cords LD03 sapml06D Display Communication Document LD04 rlld0400 Evaluation of Communication Doc. EO Active KCJ0 rkchinod EIS/BP: Hierarchy node maintenance KCJ1 sapmkxhi EC-EIS/EC-BP: Hierarchy maintenance KCJ2 rkcdmref EC-EIS: Copy reference hierarchies KCJ3 sapmkxhi Hierarchy Maintenance kckb sapmkcik Formulas for basic key figures KCK0 sapmkcik Key figures KCK1 rkcdlkr0 Display key figure. Typ imccp1 raimccp1 Copy Plan - Budget (og) imccp2 raimccp2 Transfer.

How to Maintain Exchange Rates in SAP - Guru99)

Pla KSC8 sapmkal1 Change Indirect Activity Alloc. The documents contain the information taken from the head of the drilldown table, and details on the changes made in an infotype. Measuring Points for Ob IK05 saplimr0 Change Measuring Points for Object IK05R saplimr0 Change Ref. Location List (Multi-Level) IH20 riibas10 Where-Used List Time IH21 riibas20 IBase Structural Display IH22 riibas30 Where-Used List Time Interval IKA1 saprfika IKA IK01 saplimr0 Create Measuring Point IK01R saplimr0 Create Reference Measuring Point IK02 saplimr0 Change Measuring Point IK02R saplimr0 Change. Iaomb iaom_LOG_delet Delete Acc. IA17 rmiapl30 Print Maintenance Task Lists. Measuring Points for Ob IK06 saplimr0 Display Measuring Points for Object IK06R saplimr0 Display Ref Measuring Points for Ob IK07 riimpt20 Display Measuring Points IK07R riimpt25 Display Reference Measuring Point IK08 riimpt20 Change Measuring Points IK08R riimpt25 Change Reference Measuring. IA03 saplcpdi Display Equipment Task List. Profit Center Struct keoa1 saplcmdt5 Activate Cost Centers keoa2 saplcmdt5 Activate Profit Centers keoa3 saplcmdt5 Activate Processes keod1 saplcmdt5 Reset Inactive Cost Centers keod2 saplcmdt5 Reset Inactive Profit Centers keod3 saplcmdt5 Reset Inactive Business Process keog1 rkeogen1 Generate Standard Hierarchy keog2. BW Data LBW0 rmcsbiwc Interface LIS Information Structure LBW1 rmcsbiw0 Update Activation LIS/BW LBW2 rmcsbiwf Version Copier LIS/BW LB01 sapml02B Create Transfer Requirement LB02 sapml02B Change transfer requirement LB03 sapml02B Display Transfer Requirement LB10 sapml02B TRs for Storage Type. KSC3 sapmkal1 Display Actual Indirect Acty Alloc. IM32 sapmkbud Change Budget of Inv. Imck rictimck IM Summariz: Calculated key figures imcm sapmkcb9 IM Summariz: Test monitor.

Levels (Expert) kedx rketrert CO-PA:Fill Summ. KKF6N sapmkosa_46 Maintain Product Cost Collector KKF7 sapmkosa Change Production Cost Collector KKF8 sapmkosa List Production Cost Collector KKF9 rkksan00 Find CO Orders KKG0 sapmkkab Display Cutoff Period KKG0P forex reports in sap hr sapmkkab Display Cutoff Period KKG1 sapmkkaa Create Cost of Sales. PlanVers(InvProg imcg raimgenchar Summariz. Layou kopu sapmkpu2 Execute Orders for Plan Revaluation KOP1 sapmkpu1 Create Orders for Plan Revaluation KOP2 sapmkpu1 Change Orders for Plan Revaluation KOP3 sapmkpu1 Display Orders for Plan Revaluation KOP4 sapmkpu1 Delete Orders for Plan Revaluation kori rkorjb00 Job Selection. Pla kscb sapmkga2 Execute Plan Indirect Acty Alloc.

Here you have the (nearly) complete list of the SAP transactions ( about 16000 ) sorted by transaction code. Our historical rates date back to 1990, making us the world's most comprehensive FX data provider. Levels (Analysis kedvs sapmketrestoragmaintain Old Storage Summ. Detail List Documents If you have selected Direct output of docs, the documents are displayed. Key Figures KVD5 sapmkwm1 lstar: Copy Actual Stat.

Plan KSC9N saplkal1 Display Indirect Acty Alloc. Type LT23 rllt2300 Display Transfer Orders by Numbers LT24 rllt2400 Display Transfer Order / Material LT25 rllt2500 Display Transfer Order / Group LT25A rllt2501 Display Transfer Order / Group LT25N rllt2502 Confirm Transfer ORder / Group LT26 rllt2600 Transfer. Storage Bi LX41 rlwmppc3 Bin Status Report WM/PP Interface LX42 rlwmppc4 Evaluation PP Order from WM View LX43 rlwmppc5 Consistency Check for Control Cycle LX44 RLL10010 Inward and outward movements LX45 rlverify Verification Field in Storage Bin LX46 RLT1HR00 Transmission WM perform. Imar sapmkbud Plan investment portion. User name field, as a rule, the system reads the data from the database. Structur lbwg rmcsbwsetupdeledelete Newly Reorg. Positio IM33 sapmkbud Display Budget.

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Menu kemo sapmkcb9 Profitability report: Test monitor kend sapmkend Realignments KEN1 sapmsnum Maintain Number Range: copa_IST KEN2 sapmsnum Maint. IBI2 riibip00 Plant Maintenance Batch Input. KSC4N saplkal1 Delete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan: CCtr/ATyp kpri sapmv12A Define Price Tables kprn rkplnr10 Copy Resource Planning kpro menukpro kpro Administration kprw cokp0003 Evaluate resources used kprz cokp0004 anning: Recalculation KPR1 rccaview Callup View Maintenance With COArea kpsi saplknma CO-CCA Plan Reconciliation kpsr sapmkga2 Execute. LS51 sapmv13H forex reports in sap hr Create Batch Search Strategy - WM LS52 sapmv13H Change Batch Search Strategie - WM LS53 sapmv13H Display Batch Search Strategy - WM ltra rtrmalert TRM Alert Monitor ltrcc rtrm_consistenctrm Customization Consistency Check ltrl rtrmmonitor_logtrm Log Reports ltrms rtrmmonitor. Reports imeo rkcobtr2 Transport inv. Key Figure KVC6 sapl0KOZ Copy Assignment Cost Object/Key Fig KVD0 sapl0KOZ Maintain Plan Assignment ATyp/KF KVD1 sapl0KOZ Display Plan Assignment ATyp/KF KVD2 sapl0KOZ Change Actual Assignment ATyp/KF KVD3 sapl0KOZ Display Actual Assignment ATyp/KF KVD4 sapmkwm1 lstar: Copy Plan Stat. Key Figure Plan Data KPI7 rkopapln Display Stat. KF KK97 sapmkes1 COC Display Planning Layout Stat.

KEG7N saplkal1 Create Indirect Plan Acty Allocatio KEG8 sapmkal1 Change Indirect Plan Acty Alloc. KSC2N saplkal1 Change Actual Indirect Acty Alloc. IM31 sapmkbud Display Supplement. And of course, our, exchange Rates API is easy to use and install - our automated FX data feed plugs oanda Rates directly into your ERP system, accounting software, or operating system. Forms IMC0 sapmkcee IM Summarization: Execute Report IMC1 sapmkcee IM Summarization: Create report IMC2 sapmkcee IM Summarization: Change report IMC3 sapmkcee IM Summarization: Display report IMC4 sapmkes1 IM Summarization: Create form forex reports in sap hr IMC5 sapmkes1 IM Summarization: Change form IMC6 sapmkes1. Req: Reorganization reports imdy rkdreoda App. Pla KSC8N saplkal1 Change Indirect Activity Alloc.